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It was pointed out thru a study conducted in cooperation between the Jordanian Government and the International Bank that Jordan spends  approximately 27% of the amounts spent for health sector on drugs 

A Reorganization project for the pharmaceutical sector was stated, within Ministry of Health strategy, for the purpose costs control.

The national Drug Policy adopted the idea of establishing a certain department concerned with Joint Procurement in favor of the public sector in a semi- independent capacity

Studies conducted by the Australian Experts (HIC) demonstrated the need of establishing a specific department to be in charge of the (JP) in the interest of public sector .

The Accounting Bureau report adopted a recommendation concerning foundation of one party to procure medicines in the public sector .

On 27-7-1997 the Prime Minister decided to form a combined committee in order to prepare a specific mechanism for the purpose of proceeding on the public sector (JP).

On 30-7-1998 the Prime Minister approved the proposed mechanism and gave instructions to gradually proceed towards (JP) starting with drugs.

On 7-8-1999 a supplies regulation was proposed for the (JP).

On 16-10-2002 the (JP) regulations was issued by the prime Minister in the official gazette edition No. (4562) for year (2002).

At the end of 2003 all parties associated with the (JP) announced their readiness to start working with this system.

On 16-7-2004 the prime Minister issued his decision pertaining assignment of the (JPD) director general.

On 15-8-2004, law no. (91) for year 2002 covering medical supplies & drugs (JP) system was effectuated pursuant to the council of ministers resolution by virtue of which the (JPD) was founded. 

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