Scientific Research Support Fund

General Information

The Fund was established in the Kingdom under article (13) of Higher Education and Scientific Research Act No. (4) of (2005), and article (9) of Act No. (23) of (2009) and its amendments. The Fund’s work was launched in (2007).


The Fund’s work is launched from its vision represented by:

“Building dynamic and competitive Jordan at the international level through the investment in human resources, ideas and infrastructure based on partnerships that work on developing scientific research, invention, innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields that have actual impact on economic and social development in Jordan.”

Through which its message is realized:

Supporting scientific research in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through seeking to build and strengthen research and development in fields that have great strategic value to empower Jordan in the long run competition, especially in the fields of energy, water, environment, technological applications, support and protection of intellectual property rights, as well as human resources development.

The Fund has its own regulation “regulation No. (42) of (2010) Scientific Research Support Fund Regulation” issued under paragraph (F) of article (9) of Higher Education and Scientific Research Act No. (23) of (2003).

The Fund enjoys an administrative and financial independence, and its works are managed by a general manager who has administrative, financial and technical authorities determined by the above-mentioned regulation. The Fund has a board of directors headed by his Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, or his deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Higher Education. The Fund is responsible for formulating the general fund’s policies and considering the recommendations and submissions of permanent committees branched from the board (the academic committee and the administrative and financial committee), which in turn examine the recommendations of the scientific committee. As for the scientific committee, it is responsible for examining the recommendations of the competent sectorial committees regarding the supported scientific projects, conferences, journals and students’ grants. While the grants committee is concerned with examining the grants submitted by the Fund to the academically deserving students and the of Master’s and PhD dissertation grants. There is also The Supervision Committee for the Fund’s revenue collection, responsible for collecting the due amounts of the Fund, whether from research projects or grants provided by the Fund to the students and collecting scientific research surplus returns at national universities (government and private). The Fund’s General Manager heads the above-mentioned committees (Academic Committee, Financial and Administrative Committee, Scientific Committee, Grants Committee, Collection Committee).

The Fund forms competent sectorial committees appointed for one year, renewable and include in their membership experienced individuals in the related knowledge fields, responsible for studying the supported research projects, nominating them or not, studying their technical and financial reports and conferences reports and files their recommendations to the scientific committee. The sectorial committee is comprised of (basic science sector committee, engineering and nanotechnology and biotechnology science sector committee, energy sector committee, water and environment sector committee, communications and information technology sector committee, medical and pharmaceutical sector committee, agricultural and veterinary science sector committee, human, social and economic science sector committee).

The Fund presents its services to beneficiary groups, which are categorized as follow: 


The Fund aims to achieve the following:

  • Supporting scientific research submitted by Jordanian researchers.
  • Encouraging scientific and research participation in higher education institutions.
  • Directing researchers towards the most useful scientific researches that meet the needs of the Jordanian society.
  • Providing financial support to scientific research projects submitted by Jordanian universities and relevant private and public institutions.
  • Granting distinguished researchers in higher education institutions awards for their distinguished scientific researches.
  • Supporting the issuance of Jordanian specialized refereed journals.
  • Contribution in supporting refereed scientific conferences held by Jordanian universities and institutions concerned in scientific research in the Kingdom.
  • Concerning about problem solutions that Jordanian companies and institutions face in developing their industry, products and services as well as enabling them to enhance their competitive capabilities by coordination with Jordanian universities and these companies to overcome these problems.
  • Cooperating with local and Arabic bodies, and international and universal organizations in supporting scientific research and technical development field.
  • Providing financial support with what serves in utilizing science and knowledge in scientific research to develop technology and direct it to solve problems that face research centers and entrepreneurs’ incubators capable of developing creativity and marketing scientific research consequences including constructing capabilities in intellectual property protection and patent registration.
  • Providing financial support to build abilities in different scientific research fields related to intellectual property protection and patent registration.
  • Contribution in funding scientific research programs and projects implemented under cooperative, scientific and technical agreements with countries, international organizations, Arabic, Islamic and foreign institutions.
  • Supporting academically deserving post graduate students at Jordanian universities, by providing educational grants and supporting them in conducting researches, provided that they are full time students.

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