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The Civil Defense is the official systematic force entitled and qualified to carry out specific duties, mainly the protection of people's lives and their properties by enacting and adopting instructions and procedures of precaution and self-protection and also dealing with rescue, aid and fire fighting in all regions of the Kingdom, by all Civil Defense Units spread over the Kingdom in governorates, districts and provinces.

Established in 1956, the Civil Defense has developed in various areas including spreading awareness amongst citizens, taking precautionary and protective measures and dealing with accidents. 

All throughout, maintaining and preserving the accomplishments of the comprehensive development movement was the main objective of all Civil Defense plans. 

Civil Defense history goes back to the time when the country was still known as Tran Jordan. Civil Defense was then carried out by groups of civilians working in Amman municipality armed only with basic gears and entrusted with limited duties. From there, procedures followed to expand civilian defense duties by issuing orders to set up national voluntary forces to assist and support the civilian groups.

The need to find a body to protect people's lives and properties became imminent. The nucleus for a Civil Defense was found in 1956 followed by Civil Defense Law no. (12) for the year 1959. The Law stated the establishment of a Civil Defense Directorate and defined its duties under the Public Security Department. The Civil Defense Directorate remained so until 1970 when it became directly under the Ministry of Interior with the General Director of Public Security Department at the head of its organizational structure.

The Civil Defense Directorate witnessed a rapid growth, and plans were laid down to develop performance, expand services and upgrade training. The call for this came in line with the Directorate's vision taking it many steps ahead. As a result, knowledge became the means, good performance a method and training and readiness the tools for better services.


Development of the Civil Defense Directorate:


·            Deepening the contents of the Civil Defense concepts and education.

·            Drafting the Civil Defense Law no. (18) for the year 1999 and the National Comprehensive Plan in the face of Emergencies and Disasters.

·            Generating outstanding development in all areas of work, which resulted in better performance in the field due to the emphasis on comprehensive development in the following areas:

a.        Selecting and training Civil Defense ranks proportionate to specific work needs.

b.        Machinery: introducing new and advanced machinery as allowed by the budget.

c.        Upgrading equipment and tasks of the job.

d.        Restructuring the organizational structure of the Civil Defense Directorate such as the Rescue Department, creating new managements to meet the needs such as the Department of Study and Research and Preventive Education Section.

e.        Setting up development plans and locating sources through the government to fund these projects, such as grants.

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