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A new vision in eyes of the leader

Since his majesty king Abdullah II assumed the reins of power, he has been faced the challenges of changes in a difficult time, when many people failed to do that, he  rely on his people, future and youth and he succeeded, the noble king connected with his Jordanian family by working hard during day and night in all directions to initiative for the advancement and overall development.

Because the security of the nation and the citizens are the main focus of his majesty, the royal decree was issued to form the general directorate of gendarmerie, with a royal vision and the need for security, not a luxury, the effective contribution in the system of global security and stability enjoyed by Jordan to professionalism and specialization for different tasks, including  the containment of any defect in the internal security or out for public order.

Since its inception, the general directorate of gendarmerie has sought to achieve these vision to carry a message of trust and achieving security and preserving the right of society to protect the gains of prosperity and social welfare of the citizens and to lay the foundations of justice and stability to enjoy all live on the soil of Jordan by grace of safety and security and distinguish it from other countries in the region and the world.

This lead us to regard the general directorate of gendarmerie in charge with the protection of society and strengthen the pillars of security in conjunction with the relevant security agencies under applicable laws and systems so that all members of the community starting for the hard work and production reassured about their property,  which is necessary for all segments of the society and its responsibility active participation with security institutions for the integration of the overall security system, and because the sense of security before they can be measures for the security services or systems and safeguards guaranteed by the laws, the feeling of peacefulness and tranquility is the aim sought by any society.

As a complement to the strategy taken by this directorate in the construction, modernization and training, which it is a real and realistic translation approaches for the royal directives in order to communicate with citizens in different position, the initiative came from the general directorate of gendarmerie to establish a website for the directorate, a translation of transparent information policy which we pursue in our work so the nature of the work of the general directorate of gendarmerie through the units deployed within the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan so that we can communicate with citizens and take advantage of views through a dialogue to assess the weaknesses and strengths, in order to raise the cultural level of the security to the citizen a partner to work together to promote a achieve sustainable development and conservation of the country and their achievements.

God bless this country and save it under the patronage of his majesty king Abdullah II bin al Hussein.


The General Directorate of Gendarmeries.


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