Social Security Corporation

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Objectives and Duties:


The Social Security Corporation was established in accordance with the temporary Social Security Law no. (30) for the year (1978). The Corporation commenced business in (1980), applying the principle of a gradual implementation of the stipulations of the law and the various types of social security, as well as the implementation of two major types of social security. These are:


1.      Insurance against work injuries and work illnesses.

2.      Insurance against old age, disability and death.


The major duties of the Corporation are based on the basic concept of social security, which is a comprehensive insurance system that includes a group of insurances aimed at protecting the worker (the insured) against some risks that he/she may suffer. This is done by providing him/her with an income in the event that he/she loses his/her ability to work and earn a living as a result of a work injury or a disability or old age. This will achieve financial and psychological stability for the insured in his/her lifetime and for his/her family upon his/her death.


The social security seeks to achieve a number of objectives, most important of which are:


1.        To provide the basic needs for the worker and members of his/her family by ensuring a fixed income during the period when he/she is unable to work, whether temporarily or permanently.

2.        To achieve job stability for the worker as an incentive for more dedicated and constructive work.

3.        To strengthen the working relationship between the employer and the employee.

4.        To redistribute income among the members of one generation and among the subsequent generations.

5.        To contribute to easing poverty by providing a minimum wage for the worker and his/her family.

6.        To create a savings mechanism that would contribute to the financing of investment projects in order to achieve positive growth rates in the national income that would, in turn, reflect on the work force and the entire society through higher standards of living.

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