Social Security Investment Fund

General Information


The Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) (formerly the Investment Unit) was established in 2001 to manage investment of the Social Security Corporation (SSC) funds with the objective of realizing meaningful and sustainable returns on SSC investments while maintaining the real value of the assets and providing the liquidity needed to meet the SSC’s future obligations. The Fund started its operations in the beginning of 2003 after adoption of the investment strategies that govern its work.

The Fund is subject to the provisions of the Social Security Law No. 1 of 2014, and its work is regulated in financial, technical and regulatory matters by bylaws and legislation, which are adopted by the Investment Board and the Board of Directors of the Social Security Corporation.


Vision, Mission and Core Values


We invest to secure generations’ future


Achieve profitable and sustainable investment returns, provide liquidity to meet future obligations of the Social Security Corporation and contribute to the national economy growth according to the best international standards and practices. 

Core Values:

 We Invest Responsibly:

 •We are proud of our independence in making investment decisions.

•We adopt best practices and performance indicators.

•We adopt risk adjusted economic feasibility as the basis of our investment.

We Work Professionally:

•We are committed to integrity, objectivity, and the ability of our employees to make the right decisions.

•We cooperate on all levels to realize our mission and strategic objectives.

•We adhere to an environment conducive to outstanding performance and we continuously aim to develop our technical and professional capabilities.

We believe in Organizational Governance:

•Our decisions are based on methodologies that reflect the utmost levels of transparency.

•Corporate social responsibility enhances the investment environment.

We adopt an organizational framework and structure that ensures conformance with legislation and policies.

Contact Information

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  • 850633
  • Address
  • Shmeisani, at the intersection of Abdel Rahman Irsheidat and Ma'rouf Rasafi Streets, building number (45), behind Prince Hassan Mosque.
  • ZIP Code
  • 11185
  • Fax
  • 00962 6 5501097


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