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The Ministry of Public Sector Development (MOPSD) was established in 2006 pursuant to the Administrative Organization Bylaw No.12 of 2006 as the successor of the Public Sector Development Administration. MOPSD is entrusted with overseeing the implementation of five key components of the public sector reform program in coordination with concerned ministries and government agencies. These components are:
•    Public sector restructuring; 
•    Government services improvement and simplifying procedures;
•    Human resource management and development;
•    Program management;
•    Communication and public awareness. 

The organization and functions of the ministry were adjusted pursuant to the Administrative Organization Bylaw No.54 of 2007. The bylaw underwent amendments in 2012 to assign the following functions to the Ministry: 

A. Formulate human resource management and development policies for the public sector, and develop the necessary  implementation plans and programs

B. Develop organizational structures for public administrations and develop the necessary plans and programs in this regard

C. Give expert opinion on the administrative organization of government departments and institutions and provide advice to develop and update them

D. Set standards for the optimal utilization of human resources in the public sector, develop the needed plans and programs to apply these standards
and monitor the use of job descriptions and classification of jobs

E. Participate in formulating public sector training and capacity building policies and strategies, provide technical support and advice in the field of HR management and government services restructuring and improvement

F. Create and maintain a roster of public and private training centers and institutes that wish to provide training programs to the public sector

G. Monitor and evaluate public institutions’ implementation of policies and national priorities in accordance with the adopted standards, recommend ways to improve performance and present these recommendations to the Council of Ministers

H. Undertake any other tasks assigned by the Council of Ministers or the Prime Minister

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  • Amman
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  • 3575
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  • Abdul Salam Kamal Street Street Beside Addustour Newspaper - Building Number 7
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  • 11281
  • Fax
  • (962) 6 565 4132


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