Scientific Research Support Fund/ services of researchers and institutions/ post-doctoral grant service

Estimated Time:

3 – 4 months (after the end of the period of submitting an application for obtaining a grant that is announced at the beginning of each year, kindly check the announcements at the Fund’s website


Scientific Research Support Fund/ Board and Committees Secretariat 

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The researcher should be Jordanian.
  2. The researcher should be not older than 40 years when submitting the grant application.
  3. It should not have been more than 5 years since he obtained the Ph.D. when submitting the application.
  4. He should have published after obtaining the Ph.D. a research at least in a scientific specialized refereed and internationally classified journal and possess the impact factor.
  5. The researcher should be a worker in a Jordanian university or research institution.
  6. The research project should be original and it has never obtained a support or awards from other bodies or a degree.
  7. The researcher should pass the TOEFL exam with a mark not less than 600 or IELTS with a mark not less than 6.5 or its equivalent in DELF exam.
  8. The duration of the research should not exceed one year and not less than 6 months.
  9. In the event of obtaining the grant it is required to publish a research paper in an international scientific and classified journal that possess an impact factor no less than (1), or registering an international patent within 6 months from the end of the grant.



Partner institutions:

  1. Jordanian universities/ Jordanian research centers where the researcher works.
  2. International universities or research centers that host researchers. 


  1. The researcher shall fill the application form of a financial grant to support post-doctoral researches available on the Fund’s website in paper and submit it at the Fund duly signed and enclosed with the required documents when openings are available for obtaining a grant attached with an official cover letter and official nomination from the university.
  2. The applications shall be presented to the grants committee for studying and filing their submissions to the board of directors for making a decision to support or not support the researcher.
  3. The researcher shall sign a commitment agreement to the grants instructions from the Fund.
  4. The researcher shall sign a judicial guarantee duly, and submit the commitment document to the official body inside the Kingdom (his institution) which was agreed with to host the researcher and the research results in order to apply it after finishing the period of the grant.
  5. The amount of the support shall be transferred in a single payment to a trust account of the grant at the researcher’s National institution through which spending is handled according to the applicable financial regulations and instructions in the institution.
  6. The researcher shall commit to file quarter reports of the workflow (technical) for his institution about the accomplishments of the research project.
  7. The hosting university/ research center shall send a technical and financial report in addition to a copy of the research (hard and soft) when the research project ends.

Required Documents

  1. Certified copy of the personal ID.
  2. Researcher’s CV.
  3. The research proposal.
  4. A copy of the published research.
  5. Cover letter from the university/ research centers where the researcher works.
  6. English language level examination document (or an equivalent).
  7. A written approval from the university where the researcher works on the research project.
  8. Written approval from an international university or scientific center for hosting the researcher.
  9. When obtaining the grant from the Fund, the researcher shall submit a financial judicial guarantee duly and according to the established instructions in the Fund. 

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian researchers wanting to spend an academic year in one of the international universities or research centers classified among the 100 best international universities according to the approved classification, with an amount not exceeding (25,000) twenty five thousand JD.


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