Scientific Research Support Fund/ Students Services/ service of the Fund’s grants for graduate studies of academically outstanding students/ Master’s

Estimated Time:

4 Months

(From the end of the submission period to obtain a grant, announced within the first and second semester of the academic year. kindly follow the announcements through the Fund’s website


Fill out the application for obtaining a grant on the Fund's website, ,as soon as the submission starts at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year. The student shall print a paper copy of his application and send it to the deanship of scientific research at his university, which in turn shall send him to the Scientific Research Support Fund/Board and Committees Secretariat 

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The student must be Jordanian.
  2. The student must not be older than 35 years when accepted into the Master's program
  3. The student must have a Jordanian general secondary certificate or an equivalent, with an average total no less than 80%.
  4. The student must have a Bachelor's degree regularly, from an accredited university, with a grade no less than Very Good.
  5. The student must be accepted and enrolled in a Master's program in a Jordanian university, and is registered for the first time in the academic semester in which the grant is announced.
  6. His total registered credit hours for the current semester must not be less than 6 accredited hours (Not including remedial subjects).
  7. The student must pass the TOFEL exam with a grade no less than 500, or the ILETS with a grade no less than 5, or the national English language exam with a grade no less than 65%, for all specialties.
  8. The student must currently be devoted for studying, and must not be benefiting from another grant from the fund or any other party.
  9. Upon fulfilling all of the above mentioned conditions, students shall compete on the basis of grades according to the rules of competition accredited by the fund and the required specialties. 



Partner institutions:

  1. Jordanian public universities and Princess Sumaya University for technology.
  2.  Social Security Corporation
  3. Legal notary in the court affiliated with the location of the university or the place of residence for student


  1. The student shall fill out the application electronically through the fund's website and print out a paper copy, then sign it when registration starts for the first semester and the second semester of the academic year, within the period of time announced and specified for submitting the grant.
  2. The signed paper copy of the application shall be sent to the deanship of graduate studies in the university, attached with all the required documents within the time period specified for applying for the grant.
  3. The deanship of graduate studies shall study the applications, review them and shall file the applications fulfilling the grant's conditions to the Scientific Research Support Fund within the period specified for grant application submission.
  4. The applications received by the fund shall be studied and it shall be ensured that they fulfil the required conditions and the attached documents. Transcripts shall be prepared with the students' names according to the competitive grades and the specialties open for application, for presentation to the grant committee.
  5. The applications received by the fund shall be studied by the grant committee for graduate studies students of academic excellence in Jordanian universities. The committee shall submit its recommendations to the board of directors to make a decision to approve or disapprove the student’s grant.
  6. A letter is sent to the university with the names of granted students .The names will also be announced on the fund's website
  7. The social security corporation shall be addressed to indicate the employment status of the student who obtained a grant.
  8. If the student is employed, he must submit a copy of the resignation letter or an unpaid leave letter for the public sector employees, for the duration of the study. The student shall also provide the fund with the required letter.
  9. The student shall submit a judicial guarantee indicating the place of residence of the guarantor.
  10. The student shall sign an agreement to commit to the grant with the fund and university.
  11. The deanship of graduate studies shall submit a quarterly academic report to the fund, to ensure the student's compliance with the instructions of the signed agreement, and so the due financial allocations can be transferred to the granted student.
  12. At the end of the program, the student shall inform the fund of the completion of his studies and shall provide the fund with the graduation certificate and final grades transcript.

Required Documents

  1. A certified copy of the personal ID.
  2. A copy of the student’s university ID
  3. A certified copy of the general secondary and Bachelor’s certificates in addition to grades transcripts.
  4. Copy of the student’s acceptance letter in the Master’s program, and a list of the registered courses.
  5. The student’s study plan.
  6. A document of passing English Language exam

Persons benefiting from the service

Jordanian Master's students who are academically outstanding in Jordanian public universities, and Princess Sumaya University for Technology


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