Death Due To Work Injury Pension

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Any branch of the social security 

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Conditions for obtaining service

The required conditions for the entitlement of the retirement salary due to injury death are that the insured was exposed to an injury resulted in his death, but there are no conditions defining subscription duration.



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Submitting an application for salary of death due to injury

Required Documents


  1.  Statement of suspension from the facility.
  2.  Death certificate.
  3. Deed of limitation of succession.
  4. Deed of guardianship (if there are minor heirs).
  5. A valid family book of the Jordanian deceased and of the parents (if they are alive), family card, or passports and birth certificate for non-Jordanians.
  6. Bank account numbers of the entitled heirs or of the deputies.
  7. A judicial power of attorney.
  8. ID card for the Jordanian deputy, or passport for non-Jordanians.
  9. An Official letter from the Directorate of Civil and Military Retirement, or the Jordanian retirement decision.
  10.  Sustenance deed from the specialized court (if there are only brothers).
  11. Family book for Jordanian brothers, and passports for non-Jordanians (if there are only brothers).

Persons benefiting from the service

The entitled Heirs of the deceased who subject to the social security law provision .


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