Providing Fund for the Development Projects Service

Estimated Time:

The time duration differs based on the availability of the information about the project and the proposed funders reply and their study of the project.


Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

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The ministry participates in setting the developmental plans and public policies, determining the priorities within the different sectors, and evaluating the funding requests and feasibility studies of the developmental projects in light of these priorities.

Conditions for obtaining service

The presence of the project in the list of projects in the development plan



Partner institutions:

Ministries and departments and national institutions


1.  Read the document and ensure that the project is one of the listed projects in the development plan.

2.  If the project does not agree with the list, the importance of executing this project will be clarified and all documents will be sent to the General Secretary to decide.

3.  Prepare  a memorandum that clarifies the basic information about the project, its importance, and observations concerning the project; this is submitted to the directorate’s director then to the minister in case of approving the project, the transaction will be transferred to the  to the  Directorate of International Cooperation to search for the most appropriate source of funding.

4.  Participate in the negotiations conducted with the funding party’s representative in coordination with the funding departments within the ministry in order to agree on the mechanism of funding the project and the coordination manner.

5.  A technical legation, from the funding party, arrives to define the project.

6.  Study the draft agreement in terms of appropriateness of the agreement’s technical terms with the beneficiary party’s requirements and then reply and send the notes to the concerned funding directorate.

Required Documents

The project’s document includes, at least, the following:

1. Project name.

2. Project goal.

3. Project’s Justifications.

4. Project’s Components (elements).

5. Duration of executing the project.

6. The party that is concerned in executing the project (executer).

7. The cost (million dollars).

8. The targeted groups of the project.

9. Project’s site.

10. The current status of the project.

Persons benefiting from the service

Ministries and departments and national institutions


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