Financing charities and cooperatives

Estimated Time:

15 days after the completion of documents and feasibility study.

  1. The Fund`s main Center- Public Service room and all Fund`s branches in governorates.
  2. The south branch- Al-Karak governorate- Al-Marj.
  3. The North Branch-Irbid governorate-the new Amman travel station- opposite to Masaya Wedding Hall.
  4. The mobile units for the northern and southern governorates as per the attached program schedule.
  5. The National Information Center Knowledge Stations in all governorates.
  6. The Civil Service Bureau- The DEF`s office.
  7. Loan offices in all governorates.
  8. Loan offices in Al-Jiza district, Northern Badia in Mafrak governorate and Al-Husseinya area in Ma`an.


Dear Borrower,

For a better service, please follow the following instructions when visiting the Fund`s office:

  1. Get an electronic number when entering the Public Service Office and choose the required service.
  2. Waiting seats are available till your number is displayed on the counter for the service required and mentioned by an automated call.
  3. The borrower applies to the employee for the required service.
  4. In case of any help, go to the Public Service receptionist.

Po Box (922708) Amman (11192) Jordan-  Tel. 4618851 Fax 4618845. You can contact the Public Service on (4618458)-The north branch (027102065)- The south branch (032341069)

Estimated Fee:

A fee of (5) JD.

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  • Procedures
  • Required Documents
  • Persons benefiting from the service
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Conditions for obtaining service


1. The society shall be registered.

2.The purpose and aims of the society should include one of the following. * Contributing to combating poverty and unemployment. * Economical and social development.

3. Serving the previously mentioned purposes.

4. The finance ceiling reaches a maximum of (15) thousand JD to be paid in installments.

5. The Islamic cost –plus (3%) and a grace period of (6) months as of the date of signing the agreement, with a repayment period of (8) years including the grace period.

6. The project shall be productive corresponding to the social, economic enhanced productivity and   government policies in general.

7. The society shall have the institutional capacity to administrate and operate productive projects (in terms of members, employees, office appliances,)

8. The society must be at least 6 months old as of the date of submitting the request application.

9. Number of members shall not be less than 30.

10. Numbers of members paying the annual subscription shall not be less than (20) members of the General Assembly.

11. The society shall have a location (rented of owned).


  1. The society supplies the Fund with the project`s data and information periodically and at request.
  2. The fund can execute a field follow up of the financed projects and revise financial and accountancy books.
  3. The administrative or general commission concerned in administrating the project shall have training courses to build their technical and institutional capacities in project administration and keeping books and accountings that harmonize with the type of project to be financed.
  4. The legal entity guarantee for the society is acceptable.
  5. Any other securities determined by the loans commission.
  6. The personal guarantee of the members of the commission to run the project financed by the Fund.

Financing charitable and cooperative societies with a maximum of (15) thousand JD dinars to be paid in installments as per the project`s work process.

Partner institutions:

It depends on the Central Loans Commission ground for judgment.


  1. Visiting one of the Fund`s branches and submitting the financing request to the Loan officer in charge of societies.
  2. The Loan officer presents all information on loan conditions and mechanism, required securities and nature of projects financed by the Fund.   
  3. The Loan officer visits the site to conduct an evaluation study of the loan.
  4. After agreeing upon the type of project and nature of securities, the applicant is provided with a list showing all requirements and a letter to the Enhanced Productivity Center on the basis of the project`s site.
  5. The society submits all documents.
  6. Inserting the request application and allocated a visit date.
  7. Drafting the visit report to be submitted to the societies` Loan Commission.
  8. Presenting the request file to the Loans Commission.
  9. In case of approval by the Commission, the file is re-sent to sign the agreement by the authorized
  10. Signing the agreement and annexes by the commission and guarantors.
  11. The authorized are given a copy of the purchase commitment letter.
  12. The society receives the materials in the quotations from the provider/ providers notifying the Fund about that.
  13. Executing a visit to the project`s site to verify on the materials.  

Required Documents

  1. copy of the society registration deed.
  2. A list of the members of the administrative commission.
  3. A list of the members of the General Assembly.
  4. A copy of the society`s articles of association.

Persons benefiting from the service

The borrowers and guarantors from the Fund.


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