Financing transportation means

Estimated Time:

Two weeks.


Public service desk and branches of the Fund in all Governorates.

Branches of the Fund in Jeeza(Central Area),

the northern Badia in Mafraq

and the Husseiniya area in Ma'an Governorate.

Po Box (922708) Amman (11192) Jordan-  Tel. 4618851 Fax 4618845. You can contact the Public Service on (4618458)

The north branch (027102065)- The south branch (032341069)

Estimated Fee:

5 JD

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Conditions for obtaining service

  1. The applicant should be unemployed and owns no enterprises and would like to provide a means of transportation to enhance the project's capabilities.
  2. The applicant must be a Jordanian citizen.
  3. The borrower and the sponsor shall not exceed 60 years of age and not less than (18) years.
  4. Has the qualification and ability to manage his/her enterprise.
  5. In order to avoid duplication of funding, the applicant should not have borrowed from similar government financing institutions.
  6. The ceiling of funding (20000) thousand as a maximum and according to the actual costs of the project.
  7. The Fund shall charge an Islamic Murabaha rate of (5%) annually.
  8. The loan shall be repaid over a tenure of (7) years, in addition to (6) months as a moratorium period, starting from the date of signing the agreement.
  9. The expected life of the public service vehicle: Taxi 3 years, same route taxis: 5 years, public bus 7 years, pooling transport small or large 10 years.
  10. Bring the vehicle inspection certificate from an authorized technical center.
  11. Disbursement of payment is made in one lump-sum to the seller.
  12. Application fees (5) Five Dinars.


Funding Objectives:

  1. To finance transport media associated with a project.
  2. Financing public transport vehicles (taxi, same route taxis, bus, dump-trucks, tankers, etc.).
  3. Financing transport vehicles of peddlers.
  4. Required Guarantees: Employee Salary Guarantee, Property Guarantee, Personal Guarantee, Bank Guarantee.

Partner institutions:

  • Department of drivers and vehicles licensing.
  • Institutions where the sponsor(s) work.
  • Department of lands and surveys, in case of mortgaging a real estate as collateral.
  • Social Security Corporation.


  1. Visit any branch of the fund and talk to the credit officer.
  2. The credit officer shall provide all information on the terms and conditions of lending and guarantees required, and types of projects eligible for financing.
  3. After agreeing on the type of transport mean and required guarantees, the applicant shall be provided with a list showing all the requirements and the enquiry form to be signed by (Social Security, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply or its directorates in the governorates, Greater Amman Municipality, other municipalities) according to the project site.
  4. The credit officer shall send all needed correspondences related to guarantees (addressing the sponsor' employer, the Department of Lands and Survey to obtain the estimated value of the pledged property).
  5. Once all documents are ready, the applicant will be directed to visit the relevant branch to submit the documents and forms to the credit officer.
  6. The credit officer shall verify all documents and if complete, the loan application form shall be filled-out, signed and entered into the electronic lending system.
  7. If the transport vehicle is link to the project, the credit officer shall pay an inspection visit of the site and prepare an evaluation study on the project.
  8. The request is then transferred to the Central Loans Committee.
  9. The application is presented to the Loans Committee.
  10. Upon approval of the Committee, the file shall be returned to the relevant branch for signing the agreement by the Borrower and the sponsor / sponsors.
  11. The applicant is then given a voucher to pay the service fees at any of the approved banks in all branches,unless the application is submitted at headquarters; in which case fees are paid at the cashier’s desk.
  12. The applicant shall hand-over the deposit voucher or receipt to the credit officer.
  13. The agreement is then signed along with any annexes by the Borrower and the sponsor(s).
  14. The Borrower shall hand-over a copy of the purchase commitment letter and a mortgage letter to the relevant traffic department to mortgage the vehicle
  15. The Borrower shall receive the vehicle and complete the mortgage and transfer of ownership procedures.
  16. The applicant shall hand-over the vehicle registration in the name of the borrower to the Fund.
  17. Finally a disbursement claim in favor of the original owner is issued.

Required Documents

First: Financing means of transportation or means of mass transportation:

  1. A certified copy of the civil ID of the borrower and the sponsor.
  2. A certified copy of the public-class driver's license.
  3. A house lease or title deed.
  4. A certified copy of the transport vehicle’s registration.
  5. A civil sale contract (from an authorized dealer of vehicles or any person possessing such kind of vehicles).
  6. A price quotation indicating specifications of the vehicle;addressed to the Fund in accordance with Islamic Murabaha terms.
  7. Submit a certificate of technical inspection of the vehicle from an accredited center.
  8. The route of the vehicle in case of purchasing a same route taxi/ public bus.

Second: Financing transport media associated with the project

  1. Private driver's license for transport vehicles associated with the project.
  2. A civil sale contract (from an authorized dealer of vehicles or any person possessing such kind of vehicle).
  3. A certified copy of the vehicle’s registration.
  4. A copy of the vocational license and commercial registration of the project in case the transport vehicle is associated with the project.
  5. A price quotation indicating specifications of the vehicle; addressed to the Fund.
  6. Submit a certificate of technical inspection of the vehicle from an accredited center.
  7. An original salary statement for the sponsor / sponsors.
  8. Deduction letter from the sponsor’s employer.
  9. A certified copy of the title deed, plus an appraisal letter from the Department of Lands and Survey, or from a licensed surveyor in case of mortgaging the real estate property.

Documents required after the approval of the loan committee to sign the agreement:

    1. A salary deduction letter / to ensure salaries from the sponsor’s employer.
    2. Signing office checks from the borrower and the sponsor with the value of the loan and profits (or bank checks).
    3. Original Purchase invoices.
    4. Bringing Mortgage letters–for real estate property collaterals (submitted upon signing the agreement with the Fund).
    5. Mortgage of vehicles financed by the Fund.
    6. Full-coverage insurance of the vehicle.
    7. The necessary licenses in case of financing transport vehicles associated with the new projects.


Persons benefiting from the service

Borrowers and sponsors.


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