Quittance for a paid-off loan or via branches

Estimated Time:

At least one week


The Funds’ relevant branch; according to the project site

Estimated Fee:


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Conditions for obtaining service

  • Full repayment of the loan, whether on the loan’s expiry date or an early repayment.



Partner institutions:

Commercial banks and Jordan Post.


  1. Visit the Fund’s relevant branch under which jurisdiction the concerned project is located.
  2. The credit officer in the branch prepares a summary of the financial situation after contacting the full payment accountant in the administration to verify whether there are any legal actions or fees due as a result of the loan. .
  3. Determine the amount required for full repayment on the repayment form, if any.
  4. The borrower is directed to pay the amount owed by the loan in the bank approved in the province.
  5. The applicant shall then hand-over the receipt to branch credit officer.
  6. The credit officer in the branch shall submit the request for repayment to the general administration / accountant of repayment.
  7. The applicant is then directed to the file's attendant to bring the loan file.
  8. The loan accountant shall print-out the quittance certificate, close the loan financially, and transfer the file with the attachments to the internal audit division.
  9. The Internal Audit Division shall review the file and attachments and transfer the file to legal affairs to cease any legal actions, if any.
  10. The loan accountant shall then prepare the decoupling letter and cease deduction according to the financial situation of the loan and the guarantees provided.
  11. The loan file is transferred to legal affairs to cease any actions taken, if any (lifting the precautionary seizure of movable and immovable property (dropping cases).
  12. Transfer the file to the Assistant Director General for Financial and Administrative Affairs or to the Director General for signature.
  13. Signing the quittance certificate, the payment appendix and the attached letter and transferring the file to the records section.
  14. Export the attached letter in the quittance file and mail them to the concerned branch in cooperation with the branches coordinator.

Required Documents

The applicants ID

Persons benefiting from the service

borrower and sponsors.


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