Quittance for a paid-off loan

Estimated Time:

15 minutes.


The Funds’ head office – Amman –Administration building – Legal division

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Conditions for obtaining service

 .The loan should be paid-off in full



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  1. The applicant visits the legal department.
  2. The legal department clerk verifies the applicant’s ID and identifies the entities to be addressed.
  3. Electronic loan inquiry.
  4. In the absence of any impediments, a letter of quittance shall be prepared stating that the borrower or sponsor paid back the loan extended by the Fund or guaranteed thereby, and that the borrower is acquitted.
  5. The acquittal letter is then referred to the records section to be given a reference outgoing record number and then handed-over to the applicant.

Required Documents

the applicants ID.

Persons benefiting from the service

Borrowers and sponsors of paid-off loans.


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