(Issuing a Profession Practicing license – Replacement of lost, damaged, or renewal)

Estimated Time:

1 week from the date of application at the Vocational Work regulation Unit within the institute.

(10) Minutes in the Directorate of Vocational Work regulation and the institutes that issues certificates.


Vocational Training Corporation’s institutes throughout the Kingdom.

Directorate of Vocational Work regulation.

Estimated Fee:

(5) JDs / replacement of lost / damaged

(10) JDs for renewal

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Conditions for obtaining service



Validity period of the certificate ( vocational license):

  • Five years under the provisions of the law and according to the date of issuing the lost certificate.
  • Full fees (10 JDs) are payable for every past five years.

Partner institutions:



  • Visit the Vocational Work Regulation Unit at the nearest institute or the classification of workers department at the Directorate of Vocational Work Regulation.
  • Fill out the adopted form by the officer of the Vocational Work Unit at the Institute or the Workers Classification Department.
  • The application is then examined by the unit administrator or unit clerk.
  • Fill out the written undertaking designated for lost certificates and submit it to the officer of the Vocational Work regulation Unit at the Institute / Replacement of Lost.
  • Payment of the fees prescribed by the accountant.
  • Submit the application under an official letter to the Directorate of Vocational Work Regulation to issue the certificate.
  • Issuing the certificate by the concerned department and sending it to the institute or handing it over to the applicant.

Required Documents

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Copy of the profession practicing license if any; for a lost replacement.
  • Fill out a written acknowledgment form / for a lost replacement.
  • The damaged vocational license / for damaged replacement.
  • Original professional license / for renewal.
  • Fill out the designated form.

Persons benefiting from the service

Holders of level training certificate from VTC.


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