Leasing real estates and lands belonging to the Jordanian Hijazi Railway Corporation

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Per real estate to be rented 


Divan Department in the Public Administration at Amman Station 

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Per real estate type 

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This service includes lease of buildings or lands within the properties of Jordanian Hijazi railway corporation.
• Lease contract will be signed in the case of renting an existing building or usage of empty piece of land and he is not entitled to build on it.
• Sign a contract of property occupancy in the case of work permit absence for that property.
• Sign a contract of temporary occupancy in case of renting a property or a piece of land so that the Jordan Hijazi Line can annul the contract whenever it is necessary.
• Sign agreement contract in the case of an extension of the water line or sewer or electricity cable or cable connections or something like that within the territory of the corporation.

Conditions for obtaining service

Per concluded contracts 



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1. Submitting a requisition to the General Administration Divan indicating the location of the property or the plot of land, or the extensions, the purpose of lease and the date of its commencement.

2. If the property to be leased is standing, the transaction shall be transferred to the Investment Committee. If it is a piece of land, its hall be transferred to the Lines Section/ the Planning Directorate to study it and then transfer it to the Leasing Committee.

3. The General Director’s decision.

4. If approved, it shall be transferred to the Directorate of Investment and Property to organize the contract.

5. The contract shall be signed by the applicant and the General Director.


Required Documents

Valid personal ID card 

Persons benefiting from the service



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