Application on Smart Phones for Land Transport Services Inquiry


Electronic smart phones application has been launched by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and Land Transport Regulatory Commission. The new application will help users to inquire about the services provided by the commission.

The first stage of the electronic application was announced during a meeting held in ICT ministry to discuss the most important services provided by the l and transport sector, and ways to provide the services electronically.

The attendees included Minister of Information and Communication Technology and Minister of Public Sector Development Majd Shweikeh, Transport Minister Eng. Hussien Soub, General Secretary of ICT ministry Eng. Nader Thunibat, General Director of land Transport Commission Eng. Salah Louzi and General Director of Jeefneh Company for Programming industry Mansour Mansour.

The main purpose of this application is to provide citizens with the main needed service easily, and the application today is only informative and will be developed to include comprehensive services later, Minister Shweikeh said.   

The ICT minister asserted that ICT ministry supported by the private and public sectors cooperation will launch several electronic services and applications for the benefit of the whole citizen, and the focus on the most crucial and directive services for both companies and individuals in later stages.


The cooperation between the transport and ICT ministers is crucial for supporting the transformation process towards electronic services, as it will enable the transport ministry to launch more services that are essential to the daily lives of citizens. Transport Minister Hussien Soub asserted. He added that the next stage will witness more electronic services targeted towards easing the information and instructive services.  

General Director of Land Transport Regulatory Commission Salah Al.Louzi has mentioned that the commission is discussing in this stage the trend towards applying several electronic services and solutions. He added that this application will pave the way for other services targeted to meet the citizen’s needs.

The most informative services that will be included in the electronic Smartphone application a 24 hours updated information about the buses assemblies and prices, type of vehicles used in public transport, search tools for rental cars companies, specialized transport for tourism and communication with transport commission for suggestions and complaints.