Shweikeh - Delegate of Prime Minister - Inaugurates Esri Middle East& North Africa Conference

صورة الخبر مندوبا عن رئيس الوزراء شويكة تفتتح المؤتمر الإقليمي السنوي لشركة "Esri" بمنطقة الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا


Minister of Information and Communications Technology, and Minister of Public Sector Development, delegate of Prime Minister Majd Shweikeh inaugurated on Tuesday in Dead Sea Esri Middle East and North Africa regional and annual conference. Esri is the company developing geographical information system programs ,”ArcGISK” which is organized by Consultation Company for charts information systems (Info graph), the sole representative for Esri in the Kingdom.   

 Esri Middle East& North Africa Conference represents an opportunity for discussion and networking with professionals, developers and product specialists of info graphic information system “ArcGIS”. It will pave the way for examining the most recent developments in applying such systems in different field such as education, renewable energy, environment, services and communication, minister Shweikeh said.

Such conferences will enable the kingdom to become a regional and international hub for technology industry. Several steps have been taken to leverage investment in this field, such as offering investment incentives to attract expansion in this field and sharpening skills of geospatial communities, minister Shweikeh pointed out.

Shweikeh mentioned that Jordan has started the electronic transformation process through executing several programs and projects, such as the e- government program in addition to national fiber optics program that will pave the way for offering technological services for the whole society.   

The excessive technological development demands the transformation towards new technological terms such as smart cities and the use of internet. In addition, the geographical information system is considered one of the most important technological developments that will contribute in the for society advancement, Shweikeh clarified.

General Director of Info graph Engineer Mazen Jouaneh said  that the conference will be attended by more than 700 participants form Jordan and other Arab and foreign countries, representing most institutions that utilize the Esri programming systems. The conference which was held in 1998 and 2006 is held for the third time in Jordan. More than 20 foreign regional and local companies are participating in the exhibition related to the conference.

The conference sheds light on the most developed programs, devices and systems related to maps preparation and analysis, in addition to dimensions and space calculations, as it is a hub for celebrate geographic information system (GIS) technology. Discussions will also focus on the importance of this application and displaying success stories in some counties and private and public institutions, especially on Middle East and North African region.