Ministry of ICT announces the launching of the rapid E services development platform

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Majd Shweikeh has announced the launching of the development platform for rapid electronic services executed by a coalition between a local and a foreign company namely “Omnix” and “Mendix”.
The announcement of the project was held in the ministry of communications and information technology with the presence of the secretary general of the ministry Nader Thnaibat and the electronic government program manager engineer Sami Dabbas and the director of the Department of Government and Public Businesses in “Omnix” Hazim Al-Lahham and the customer's manager in “Mendix” Dennis Muller.
The ministry of information technology would be able to provide fast solutions and systems with less cost through this platform, also, this platform will play a role in speeding up the process in the transformation to an electronic government in Jordan.
The minister of communications and information technology Majd Shweikeh has assured that the electronic government program is a national project that requires determination and active participation with governmental institutions and the private sector. In addition, there is a need to build upon past achievements to reach the goal of electronic transformation, which aims to improve the quality of services provided to the public and to provide easy access without the need to visit the ministries and institutions that provide electronic services.
Shwaikeh added that the rapid electronic services development platform is considered a major project that supports the process of electronic transformation.
She also explained that the execution of the project will be carried out in several stages, the first phase would be the preparation of the infrastructure and developing a number of electronic services on the platform, after which in phase two, electronic services of several governmental institutions will be developed after a study and procedures will be re-engineered in co-operation with the ministry of public sector development.
From his part, the director of the Department of Government and Public Businesses in “Omnix” Hazim Al-Lahham displayed a presentation explaining the stages of the platform development process and the features and benefits that will be achieved by developing the platform, and the huge role it will play in the electronic transformation through speeding up the launching of electronic services.
It is worth to be mentioned that the electronic services development platform will provide solutions and systems rapidly with a small cost which will have a direct impact in speeding up the launching of electronic services ; therefore supporting the process of electronic transformation in Jordan.