Shweikeh announces the drafting and formation of the "REACH 2025" initiative

صورة خبر تمهيدا لإطلاقها في منتدى "الاتصالات" شويكة تعلن الانتهاء من صياغة و اعداد مبادرة "ريتش 2025"

 Minister  of Communications and Information Technology Majd Shweikeh announced the completion of the royal initiative drafted for the development of telecommunications and IT "REACH 2025" in preparation for its launch as part of the upcoming MENA ICT Forum, which will be held under Royal Patronage on November 9th and 10th.
The initiative was drafted in line with the royal vision to direct stakeholders with an action plan that would guarantee a boost in the ICT sector in the kingdom, in order to turn Jordan into an ICT hub in the region, it also encompasses a general vision with plans that aim to adapt technology for the service of all the economic sectors.
The announcement of finalizing the "REACH 2025"  draft  came following a meeting held at the Ministry of Communications on Tuesday, attended by representatives drafting the initiative from the ministry, INTAJ, and representatives of the royal initiative and officials from the telecommunications and information technology sector, where the meeting discussed the vision, general frameworks, and executive plans in order  to implement the initiative, drafted in total partnership between stakeholders, in the coming years.

Shweikeh added that the completion of the preparation and drafting of the initiative in partnership between the public and private sector, and with the help of international advisers embodies the principle of true partnership between the two sectors, stressing that what has been accomplished during the last period in the sector of projects in the field of e-transformation and orientation for the application of the digital economy and all the work on it, will pour in the vision and objectives of the initiative, which seeks to promote the sector and make Jordan a regional hub for the industry in the region.
Shweikeh pointed out that "REACH 2025" contains the following main themes:
The first theme focuses on the development of human resources to fulfil the needs of the local market and entails bridging the gap between higher education output and labour market demands. The second focus would be regarding entrepreneurial and emerging companies, which requires developing infrastructure to build a supportive environment that caters for these companies who will form the future of the sector.
The third theme focuses on the development of a smart infrastructure that will provide a solid base for the sector’s companies and products, and the services and products we can produce serving other economic sectors.
The fourth theme focuses on the legislative environment, and the business environment. As for the fifth, it focuses on creativity and specialization to develop tools and services for specialized sectors, while the sixth theme focuses on innovation in the public sector and its development and adaptation to technology.
For his part, representative of the royal initiative “REACH 2025” Karim Kawar said that  the overall vision for "REACH 2025" is to transform the Kingdom into an ICT regional hub, through focusing on the concept of specialization in innovation and creation of products and services and specialized software bearing intellectual property, and serving all economic sectors: health, education, transportation, communications, government services and other sectors.
Marwan Juma, member of (ICTAC), confirmed that the completion of the initiative in its final form is the result of continuous work between all the stakeholders, where there was collaborative work to determine the overall vision for the initiative followed by the themes in focus, and the executive plans and timetables in order to ensure its effective application.