Memorandum of Understanding for Enabling Electronic Business Gateway.

صورة الخبر مندوبا عن رئيس الوزراء شويكة تفتتح المؤتمر الإقليمي السنوي لشركة "Esri" بمنطقة الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا

Amman -

Memorandum of understanding (MoU) that is targeted towards enabling business gateway has been signed at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology on Wednesday. It will pave the way for registering limited liability companies electronically in Amman. Attendees included Minister of Information and Communication Technology Majd Shweikeh, General Secretary of ICT Ministry Eng. Nader Thuniabat, who was in charge of signing the MoU.

 In addition to Companies General Controller Rami Nuzha, General Director of Social Society Cooperation Nadia Rawabdeh, Director Income & Sales Tax department Bashar Saber, General Director of Amman Chamber of Industry Dr.Nael Husami and General Director of Amman Chamber of Commerce Muhanad Al.Attar. The MoU will contribute effectively in enabling the business gateway to include additional electronic services in the future; as the first stage will witness launching the registration of limited liabilities companies in Amman and the second stage will include all the rest of companies listed in the law. 

Systems of Companies Control Department, Social Society Cooperation, Income and Sales Tax Department, Amman Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be connected with the gateway via interconnection governmental system. In addition, the payment process will be connected with electronic payment method and investors will need to fill only the electronic module of information and instructions.  

Minister Shweikeh praised the cooperation between all related parties to support the process towards electronic services led by the ICT ministry, adding that this cooperation helped the ICT ministry to launch several essential electronic services. She asserted that the ICT ministry intends to add more services basically introduced to enhance the quality services presented to companies and individuals; to help them accomplishing all their tasks electronically.

Signees assured that this MoU will improve the business environment in the Kingdome to attract more business opportunities. It will also help in facilitating and increasing the transparency of whole services presented by the government by saving effort and time. It will also contribute in enhancing communication process between business community and citizens. It is worth mentioning that the partners is presenting services include Companies Control Department, Social Security Cooperation, Income and Sales  Tax Department , Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Central bank and local banks.