Memorandum of understanding concerning technical cooperation between Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Hawawi Company.


Ministry of communication and information technology and Hawawi Company announced signing a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation in education and consultation in ICT sector. This agreement lasts for three years and is complementing the previous agreement signed in 2005.

 The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by the ICT ministry secretary general Eng. Nader Thunibat and the general director of Hawawi in Jordan and Palestine Wojn Howa. Attendees also included ICT minister Majd Shawikeh and deputy of chairman and the executive director of Hawawi Jo Beeng

Minister Shawikeh praised the partnership between the Kingdom and Hawawi Company in different fields, especially in developing smart cities and enhancing the capabilities of youth. This partnership mirrors the cooperation between private and public sectors, and this memorandum is a result of this important partnership, ICT minister said.

Hawawi executive director Jo Beeng asserted the importance of ICT sector which plays pivotal role in economy. It registers high growth rates in comparison to other sectors; for instance in China it exceeds the general economic growth. Beeng praised Jordan REACH 2025 initiative for developing ICT sector; he mentioned that “it plays an essential role in enabling Jordan to become a regional hub for ICT services, and it increases job opportunities".

Hawawi will - under this agreement- continue to provide technical support for the kingdom through establishing communication lab in Prince Hussein University and one in Mutah University to train 25 students in each university. Training courses will be held in Hawawi training center to provide students with essential skills.



Hawawi will also support electronic transformation in Jordan in education and health fields, and will provide the needed support for the transformation process towards smart cities. The company will organize specialized training courses and various consultations. Hawawi will also install 12 units for visual video in different parts of the kingdom to meet the several demands for the official institutions; especially in health and education.

With its global experience, Hawawi will contribute in developing the ICT sector strategy and will send consultants and experts to set strategies for smart cities internet use in the kingdom.

 It is worth mentioning that Hawawi had launched in May two centers for youth enhancement in ICT sector. The first center had contributed in training 120 Jordanian engineers. The second is regional and operated by qualified Jordanian engineers.