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Jordan smart card is a national project under the umbrella of cooperation between Ministry of Interior, Department of civil status and passports, and Ministry of information and communications technology, it aims to update the current personal card with a new version of smart card high in specification and security features hard to breach , where it is a card with a microchip that is protected by encrypted keys altogether, according to the latest international standards and storage of 144 KB, containing basic information and will be working on providing multiple applications that can be added in the near future to serve the citizens, such as health insurance, social security, national aid and much more , that eventually will benefit The Government by means of improving the quality of services provided.


  • Higher protection of information to reduce fraud and therefore the possibility of matching identities with their holder easily.
  • The possibility of providing high capacity of information required such as prints and electronic signature and multiple applications.
  • Save time and money on Government, and raise the quality in providing services such as election and health insurance and Government subsidies and other government services.
  • Credibility and high transparency with regards to information and cardholder follow up on occurring amendments.
  • Follow Continuous and rapid development of technology in order to improve offered services.

Offices that issue Smart Card

  • Central Amman
  • Ashrafiyeh
  • West Amman
  • Sweileh
  • Wadi el seer
  • South Amman
  • Zarqa
  • West Zarqa
  • Rusyefieh
  • Salt
  • Ein el basha
  • Madaba
  • Ajloun
  • Jerash
  • Irbid
  • Bani obeid
  • Ramtha
  • North Shouneh
  • Korah
  • Mafraq
  • Aqaba
  • Ma’an

How to get a Smart Card