Clearance of expatriates’ furniture (personal effects, household furniture and used electrical appliances) RD4

Estimated Time:

2 hours


All customs clearance centers and border posts except for King Abdullah II Industrial Estate -Sahab

Dear expatriate you are entitled to transfer your goods to the customs center you wish to complete your transaction in, and the center does not prevent that according to its delegated authority to the authorized centers,attached hereto the customs centers authorized to clear expatriate furniture

Estimated Fee:

Fees required by clearance companies:

- (10) JD stamps

Clearance fees are determined according to the instructions issued by the department, instructions no. (1) of 2007 consisting of determining clearance fees.

Loading and unloading fees/ loading and unloading companies

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Conditions for obtaining service

1. The concerned party orhis official commissioner should be present in person.

2. Goods’ owners (furniture) should come to the country either the husband or the wife.

3. He should have stayed outside the Kingdom one year or more.

4. His residency was cancelledby submitting one of the following documents:

- Cancellation of residence on passport.

- Submitting a document indicating termination of labor contract, resignation or dismissal from service abroad, or presenting a labor contract in the Kingdom authenticated by the competent official authorities.

- Presenting a certified lease contract in the Kingdom from the government bodies or a house title deed.

- Presenting certificates of transfer for children from schools or acceptance certificates in Jordanian schools.

- Attendance of the concerned party eitherthe husband or the wife and paycustoms duties and other insurance taxes in the event of being delayed to attend.

- The exemption applicant should not have obtained a previous exemption for all thematerials indicated, and if he hadobtained part of it, he shall be exempted from the remaining, provided that he repays at least by installments during a period of time not exceeding six months from the date of his arrival, and no exemption is considered after this period.

- Exemption shall be granted only once with the exception of the citizen who had benefitted from a previous exemption and revealed that he left the Kingdom to reside abroad for a second time, provided that he shall not benefit from a latter exemption until after at least five years from the date of the first exemption.

The exemption applicant should prepare a list of all the materials listed, provided that any addition than the indicated in the list shall be subject to the provisions of customs lawinstructions .


Types of lanes:


1. Green Lane: Customs statementis subject to documents auditing and the statement is liquidated (completed) automatically through the systems after processing lanes.

2. Yellow Lane: customs statement is subject to auditing by the employee and with the possibility of re-routing to the red lane for inspection purposes in case of suspicion.

3. Red Lane: the contents of customs statement(red lane) are subject to actual inspection by the inspector.

Definition of the terms:

- Processing Lanes: is acceptance of the statement by the reception employee after auditing the document and giving it a lane.

- Liquidation: a notice that all statement stages have been completed and that the statement is ready for payment.

- Goods: every natural material,animal, agricultural or industrial product including electrical power.

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Partner institutions:

- Department of Press and Publications

- Ministry of Health.

- Ministry of Agriculture.

- Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization.

- Military Security Department.

- Food and Drug Administration.


1. The applicant shall submit a requisition forfurniture exemptionto the center director orhis representative.

2. The transaction shall be transferred to the competent unit to ensure that he did not obtain a previous exemption, and in the event of not obtaining an exemption procedures are carried out.

3. The applicant shall prepare a customs statement to the related department to audit the statement, verify the documents and determine the lane (red).

4. The transaction shall be transferred to the inspector, where he shallinspect goods and prepare a report about that.

5. The transactionshall be transferred to the competent unit in the event of conditions applicability and completion of approvals, and electronically re-route it to the green lane.

6. Heading to the accountant for paying the prescribed fees.

7. Heading to the permits department for issuing an exit permit.

8. Heading to the exit gate for goods exit from the center.

Required Documents

1. Valid passport (proof of residence cancellation or proof of labor contract termination) + family register, or presenting title deed document (real estate) + electricity bill or lease contract or children acceptance certificate in Jordanian schools, or what states the continuity of his residence outside the Kingdom for more than a year.

2. Authorization from the concerned party to the clearance company to complete clearance procedures.

3. Packing list with incoming furniture and electrical appliances (used or new).

Persons benefiting from the service

Expatriate Jordanian for a period exceeding one year.


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